24 Positions of Artistic Book and Text Production, VBK Berlin, 01.-24.04.2022

Cooperative exhibition in the gallery of the VBK Berlin with artworks by:

Jutta Barth (B), Monika Bartsch (B), Judith Brunner (B), Sigrid Ehemann (D), Anja Eichler (B), Sabina Flora (D), Jeanne Fredac (B), agii gosse (D), Sibylle Groene (D), Margret Holz (B), Mauga Houba-Hausherr (D), Maria Korporal (B), Petra Korte (D), Ruth Kuehn-Loewe (D), Siegrid Mueller-Holtz (B), Hyesug Park (D), Peter Schlangenbader (B), Peter Stauder (D), Klaus Stecher Klasté (D), Marianne Stoll (B), Andrea Streit (B), Gisela Tschauner(D), Helga Wagner (B), Ulrike Wamprecht (D)

The artist book of the 21st century not only has a long tradition, but has also experienced a veritable new boom in recent years, as can be read on the Hamburger Kunsthalle website, for example, triggered by phenomena such as digitization. She does this in two ways: she has opened up a wide variety of new experimental possibilities for artistic work and at the same time not only awakened more interest in objects, but also created a need for them. Objects are now being created that transcend the boundaries of sculpture, installation and even architecture, which convey cinematic experiences when leafing through them and which, printed on fabric, can even be “wearable art”. Hybrid forms emerge between artist book and art book or between artist book and catalogue. Projects are created all over the world that also build on what is known and go beyond it, such as mail art projects. Centers for book arts are emerging, which are successfully offering their exhibition and workshop programs, which have been thrown into crisis by the pandemic, to a highly motivated international audience via zoom, either free of charge or for little money. Last but not least, the book and text object of our time is also an example of a larger trend in contemporary art, namely a close connection between image and text. For all applicants, the artist book, book object, typeface or text image represent important aspects of their artistic practice. The inspirations are wide-ranging. They come from literature and film, art and cultural techniques, history and politics, everyday life and current affairs, to name a few areas.


A virtual 3D presentation of the exhibition in the VBK is available under the following link:

3D presentation

The presentation allows you to move 360° in all rooms of the VBK. Each work in the exhibition has a short video that appears in a pop-up when the corresponding icon is clicked. There is also on Youtube a video available recording the whole tour.

Youtube Video

(Many thanks to Maria Korporal from Berlin for this fantastic work)


Ruth Kuehn-Loewe presents the artist book Pia.

The artist book Pia is a multi-layered collage of painted figurative elements and spatial structures, as well as printed, cut and torn structures. The alternation of transparency and non-transparency arouses interest in what is visible and what is not. What is not directly visible, but can be guessed at, should stimulate the imagination.

24 artistic Positions


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