Conspiracy, Bunker k101, 68elf Cologne, April 1st – April 24th, 2022

“Conspiracy is the mother of all treachery. It turns the honorable concept of the oath into a conspiratorial fraternization that sows discord, causes misfortune and wants to ruin what already exists.” (68elf e.V. Cologne)

More than 100 applications reached the Kunstverein 68elf after the nationwide call for entries. 30 contributions were selected, which expressed their positions on the Visualize conspiracy theme. The oppressive and historic premises of the WWII bunker are ideal for embedding the works, which include painting, drawing, collage, video, audio, experimental art and installations.

Exhibition !!! CONSPIRACY !!! of the 68elf e.V. Cologne in the Kulturbunker Ehrenfeld / 30 artists / 9 filmmakers

Video about the exhibition (many thanks to Felix Haack from Cinewerk)


Wolfgang Kuehn was nominated with the two artworks Stolen Election / Capitol Occupation and Corona-Conspiracy.



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